Local Republicans bid for House Delegation

Local - 1/29/2014 6:44 PM by Kevin Jacobs

Three local candidates announce their bid for the West Virginia House of Delegates.

The candidates are all Republicans and officials say it's a historic move for Fayette county. Tom Fast of Fayetteville, Kayla Kessigner of Mt.Hope and William Hughes of Pax held a press conference in Fayetteville today.

All three will represent the 32nd District, which includes Fayette county and portions of Raleigh, Nicholas, Clay and Kanawha. Fayette County Republican Executive Committee Chair, Gary Lilly says they haven't had a Republican elected into office since 1928.

"The parties are on the move and here in Fayette county especially it's a big move for us. We're proud of our committee, we're working hard. We're outnumbered like I said a little over 3-1, but we're working hard."

Lilly said it will be a good challenge for local Republicans, and added they will strongly take on the three incumbent Democrats and an Independent for the November election.


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