Corey's Duet Bike fund

Local - 1/22/2014 7:13 PM by Rachael Cardin

RAINELLE - A big sister in Greenbrier County decided to organize a fundraiser, hoping to allow her brother the chance to start making outdoor memories.


A Duet Bike costs a small fortune, according to Amanda Reed, but she said she wants to try her best to fundraise enough money and buy one for her little brother. Corey Butler suffered a brain aneurysm when he was only 4 years old and his health has been deteriorating ever since. He hasn't been able to get back on a bike since then, and has trouble doing everyday activities. If purchased, the bike will assist Corey, and other county residents, who want to use it. Reed said,d espite all his hardships, Corey never complains and remains an inspiration to everyone he meets: “Corey's an inspiration to me and every doctor or nurse he's come in contact with. So anything that I can do to raise awareness about epilepsy, about Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, then I want to do that and I've always said that Corey does more in a broken body than I could do in a whole body, so it's my job as his big sister to see that his needs are met and to see that other people out there know that there's somebody willing to stand up for them, cause awareness, raise money, funds, whatever we can do to meet their needs as well,” said Reed.


To donate to Corey’s bike fund, you can call Amanda Reed directly at (304) 667-1772 or visit


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