Manchin meets with Mercer County

Local - 1/21/2014 5:06 PM by Rachael Cardin

PRINCETON - A West Virginia Senator made an appearance on Tuesday in Mercer County to really interact to the people he represents.


Senator Joe Manchin made multiple stops in Southern West Virginia, the first of which was an informal town meeting at a court room in Princeton. Manchin addressed, not only the previous issues with water in Charleston, but touched on an array of subjects. Certain topics such as immigration, foreign wars, gun control, and the overall financial situation of the country, brought intense feedback from the large crowd. The distrust of government among West Virginians was a sentiment that Manchin said is a growing trend among the people he represents. With regards to the water, Manchin said he has proposed a bill to Congress, called the Clean Water Act of 2014.


“just because they're not labeled as hazardous, or toxic or lethal; out of sight, out of mind? Is basically how it's been done. Now we're putting base guidelines from the federal end of it so every state has to go out and do it. And it gives them the authority and the backing they need federally to do what needs to be done,” said Senator Machin.


Manchin said he will continue to work on the Clean Water Act of 2014 until this issue can no longer pose a problem for the future.


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