MLK Parade takes to the streets of Lewisburg

Local - 1/20/2014 6:05 PM by Rachael Cardin

LEWISBURG - “Remember the dream, that's the main thing,” said John Barnes, a Lewisburg resident enjoying the parade.


Marin Luther King Junior was remembered and celebrated down the streets of Lewisburg. His 'I have a dream speech' is what these people consider words to live by. School teacher, Becky Romine said, “they are beautiful words and I think they're words that none of us will ever forget and to be able to pt that in your heart and in your mind and live your life that way is very important.”


Teachers said they want this day to be a celebration of the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr, a celebration they hope will carry on.”


Gretchen Graves, another local school teacher, said “it's a celebration because we can remember how important it is that you can speak up for what you believe in in a peaceful way and that these children will then take this on and carry this on to their children.” The city of Lewisburg chose not to use Martin Luther King Day as another day off from school or work, but to truly celebrate this great man and to pass on his teachings to our future generation.


Graves said, “we decided, what better way to teach children about being involved in their community, than being involved in Martin Luther king day? And instead of taking it as a day off a and another holiday, we take it as a day on and spend the month studying  about Martin Luther  king, the civil rights movement and volunteerism in the United States.”


“They're learning what the past has brought to date and they're going to move forth this dream for the future. Because they are what Martin basically talked about, these are the young kids, these are the youth that he dreamed of being able to walk hand in hand with each other” said Barnes.


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