Update on Mabscott break-in

Local - 1/11/2014 6:02 PM by Stuart Hammer

MABSCOTT – An update on a Raleigh County break-in Thursday night that resulted in a homeowner stumbling into a strange man inside.

33-year-old James Lloyd Grubb snuck in through a sliding glass door at a home on Pine St. in Mabscott Thursday night.

Heather Bowyer and her daughter were in the house, and the first to find him.

“Oh, we screamed, and then that's when we called the police officers.”

Bowyer says it was a bizarre encounter.

“He was trying to tell them that he was held; he had been injected with drugs. He just kept saying the craziest things. He jumped out of a window, crossed a fence, came up our stairs into a sliding glass door to a home that he didn't know”

The homeowners say they have never experienced a break-in before, but they have taken the necessary steps to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

Grubb is currently being held in Southern Regional Jail also facing a parole violation.


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