Fire in Glen Daniel claims apartment building of 9 people

Local - 12/26/2013 5:54 PM by Rachael Cardin

GLEN DANIEL - A fire in Glen Daniel claimed one entire apartment building where 9 residents live, including 3 young children.

The fire started when the upstairs residents were about to go to bed. The residents said they saw smoke and alerted everyone else to get out of the house. The children were their biggest concern.

"They just told us to get up and just try to find a blanket, run up the hill so we did," said 7 year old Jaiden Trail, who was home at the time of the fire.

Neighbors said the fire spread quickly from one apartment to the next, and in just minutes the entire building was enflamed.

Neighbor, Staci Hibbard said, "started throwin' as much as we could outta the apartment, saved as much as we could. The kids lost everything practically... little bit of clothes was about all that was saved."

Father and resident, Eric Trail, said, "just kind of a feeling of helplessness, just there's no way of getting to it...just burned down around it."

Fire officials said their first ever mayday situation arose at this very fire when a fire fighter got trapped in the flames.

Hibbard said, "the main guy was hollering to get off the platform, get off the platform... They weren't responding at all and then they realized that there was one in there. They run in, drug him out, he came out... his whole top of his head was on fire. He was smokin."

The only injury sustained in this house fire was a firefighter stuck in the top loft. He suffered burns to his neck and was treated on scene. Family members and residents said they're grateful everyone got out safely.


Landlord Joseph Shreve said, "That's her apartment right there on the bottom. I'm just thankful, not only that she got out, but that everybody got out because it coulda been a lot worse. I mean, this can be replaced, a human life cannot. I'm just so, so thankful that everybody just got out."

The father of the 3 children that lived in the bottom apartment said his kids are in good spirits and he is optimistic about moving on from this point.

"They're happy, they're kids, and thank God they are. They're young and they don't I guess take the impact of it all happening right now. Just enjoying life right now. They still think it's Christmas so they're going on about everyday life with it as best they can. Everything happens for a reason, just try what you can. Keep pushing on man, never give up, that's all you can do," said Trail.


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