Shoppers hit the mall for deals following Christmas holiday

Local - 12/26/2013 5:24 PM by Karen Franklin
MOUNT HOPE - Storewide sales have lured shoppers to Crossroads Mall the day after Christmas because for some, 24 hours was too long to wait.

"We got a bunch of gift certificates for Christmas, and they had a bunch of money for Christmas, so they're spending all the money they got," mother Nikki Green told WOAY.

The Johnsons made Thursday's shopping trip a family affair. Carmela and her husband have a family of eight, including several foster kids. They decided to leave the testosterone behind.

"The girls -- it is a girls' day out," Carmela Johnson said. "We've left the boys home. It's a girls day out."

A pair of sisters had the same idea. Their mission was to helping each other find cute clothes.

"Pick something out," Karah Kutil said. "Go try it on. We'll all decide if we like it or not and see what's cute on us, and we usually pick out the specific stuff like the colors and all that -- what best fits our figure and our skin tone."
The Johnson's were on a hunt for deals at their favorite store.

"75 percent off at Bath & Body Works," Emalea Johnson said. "Bath & Body Works. We definitely use a lot of Bath & Body Works.

The deals were even more enticing with some of daddy's money.

"It's fun," Samantha Pack said. "I do it all the time. We do it all the time. Especially me."


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