Golden Leaves of Rememberance Ceremony held on Sunday

Local - 12/15/2013 4:50 PM by Rachael Cardin
BECKLEY - A Christmas ritual is held to comfort Beckley families who have recently lost loved ones.

Melton Mortuary in beckley held a ceremony on Sunday called The Golden Leaves Of Remembrance. This annual event is always conducted right before Christmas to take time and remember those who have passed away. Families who have organized their services through this funeral home, from November of 2012 to November of this year were invited to participate. Golden leaves, pinecones, and golden angels decorate a Christmas tree in the funeral home along with a slideshow and the reading of a poem.

Pamela Smith, Melton Mortuary Operations Manager, said, "its a reel feel-good ceremony. The staff here is probably one of the most kind and caring staff that you'd ever wanna meet. And this is something that they feel they can do as a service to families that have lost loved ones."

The Christmas tree in Melton Mortuary bore ornaments with names of loved ones and will display them throughout the season.


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