National Weather Service encourages use of interactive mapping program in winter

Local - 11/13/2013 4:55 PM by Karen Franklin
OAK HILL - The National Weather Service is hoping a new interactive mapping program will become popular among southern West Virginians this winter.

EDD, which stands for Enhanced Data Display, is a new "one-stop-shop" for anything weather and includes radar and satellite warning data for a chosen location. 

The interactive web-mapping portal also provides access to socioeconomic data like the number of people impacted by a potential storm. Emergency response specialists hope EDD will help locals make good decisions when weather is a factor.

"The goal is make it easy for the end user to get the data that they need in hopes of saving lives and property, which is the national weather service mission," Jonathan Wolfe told WOAY. "This is just essentially a tool to help give people better data to make decisions."

The program is actively under development, so users are encouraged to rate their online experience with the help of a "feedback" button.


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