Meadow Bridge fights for their football

Local - 11/8/2013 8:55 PM by Courtney Rosemond
MEADOW BRIDGE - The town of Meadow Bridge is fighting to keep their high school doors open, but not just because they want their kids to stay in those classrooms.

Some might say, Friday night football in Meadow Bridge is strength and community it's our gathering and it's our identity. The heart of this small community can be seen beating under the lights.

Resident Shirley McGraw says, "words won't describe how I feel how proud I feel when those boys walk out on that team."

The field is not only a place to win, but a place to bond. Jerry Killen, a Meadow Bridge local says, "I know kids that are 20 years younger than me and I know people that are 40 years older than me we all commute to this Friday night game because it our community it's our gathering and it's our identity." And between these lines, there is history.

McGraw graduated in 1954, proudly she says from Meadow Bridge High School. Football, basketball, volleyball, anything that goes on at the high, she's there, she says "There's a history here of 70 years." Each time that banner is torn there is wildcat pride.,

Killen says he just can't imagine travelling 30 miles to see other kids play that have no connection to, he can't imagine our own children getting involved in sports 30 miles away. He says Meadow Bridge would be a ghost town probably.

But wildcat faithful aren't going down without a fight.


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