Man starts biweekly farmers market at his Beckley business

Local - 11/7/2013 6:26 PM by Karen Franklin

It's a one stop shop for your dinner table needs, but it's not a grocery store.

In just the last few months, Jim Monroe has transformed his Greenbrier Nurseries garden center into a biweekly farmers market.

"The idea we really want to do is make a place that not only is a place for the food, but also very much of a social thing where people can kind of learn more about local foods and healthy activities in the community," Monroe told WOAY.

The dozens of vendors sell foods indigenous to West Virginia. They know exactly what's in the food they raise.

"Everybody wants to eat healthy, but it's so hard to understand how to do that," Monroe said. "This is really a great portal for the information and for the products, and you can really change your lifestyle. "

Daniels resident Courtney McGinnis has been on board with the idea for eight years.

"The pesticides, the hormones and all the chemicals they use on the foods are just terrible for your kids and for yourselves and just for a better life," she said.

Monroe also boasts it's keeping local dollars in the community. Pretty soon he hopes to be the center of the food universe.

"I've gone around this morning and heard people say, 'I love it. I haven't been able to get this bread for years. This is like my grandmother used to make, and oh yeah, by the way, I've already placed my Christmas order,'" Cindy Martel said, who works with the Department of Agriculture.

For vendors, it's just another way to extend business into the winter months.

"You don't think about farmers markets in November and December, but what a great opportunity to take advantage of some of our local foods during the holidays," Martel said.


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