Hinton celebrates its legacy during 47th annual Railroad Days

Local - 10/19/2013 7:09 PM by Karen Franklin
HINTON - After a much anticipated whistle, crowds of train fanatics gathered around Hinton's railroads to welcome guests who completed a four-hour trip from Huntington.

Like many of the onlookers, Chris Honaker owes his love of trains to generations of family members who worked on the railroads.

"It may not be a steam engine, but it's always exciting to see a train like this one," Honaker told WOAY.

The 47th annual "Railroad Days" is a celebration of the town's once bustling past when 10,000 people called Hinton home and steam engines roared through downtown. Even today, much of the crowd prefers a nice, quite ride with a view over a car trip or flight.

"I've always enjoyed taking trips on the train of course because I think that's the first way to go," Dorothy Jean Boley said.

Paul Carmean used to deliver newspapers to the trains when he was just a boy.

"Love the steam noise," Carmean said. "Love the diesel noise, and it's just something special about it."

The days of Hinton's steam engines may be gone, but long-time residents and train enthusiasts insist their home is still "Railroad City." The proof is in their pride.

"It was just a neat time because the whole town centered around railroad, and everybody either worked directly or indirectly for the railroad, so it's neat to be able to see the legacy carried on," Carmean told Newswatch.

Honaker took pictures as passengers unloaded.

"You had the big yard and shops and the depots and everything was here at the time," Honaker added. "Oh, wonderful memories, yes indeed."


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