Volunteers spruced up Rainelle Cemetery

Local - 9/20/2013 8:46 AM by Nadine Grimley

RAINELLE - Volunteers in one Greenbrier County town spruced up the area, thanks to awards from the Governor's Office.

Rainelle officials said the town received $500 to help improve the cemetery.  Volunteers planted a garden and maintained the grounds earlier this week.  It was all part of the "Day to Serve" initiative, which encouraged West Virginians to volunteer for at least one day from now until September 29.  

Mayor Andrea Pendleton said now the cemetery was in much better condition than it was before.  "We invite the public up here to see what the town and the town workers have put forth in our project.  We are thrilled the way our cemetery looks compared to the way it did."

Town officials asked for volunteers for three additional service projects.  For more information, you can call Mayor Pendleton at (304)-438-7191.


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