Officials promote Agri-tourism in Raleigh Co.

Local - 9/20/2013 8:13 AM by Nadine Grimley
COOLRIDGE - At a time of the year best known for the harvest, West Virginia officials promoted Agri-tourism, a new term coined for connecting visitors with the great outdoors.

Commissioner of Agriculture Walt Helmick chatted with guests at the Oaks Family Farm in Coolridge.  Kids picked pumpkins and played in the cornfields.  The event came at a time when many farmers open their doors to visitors.

Helmick and farm owners around the state hoped to encourage folks to spend time outdoors in the best state for agriculture and tourism.

"We feel real good about it," said Helmick, "We're excited about what the future brings in agriculture, and a component of it is agri-tourism, and so we're going to explore and promote every step of agriculture in West Virginia."

The Oaks Family Farm was scheduled to open this weekend and will remain that way through the end of October.


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