A planned ATV resort causes backlash from nearby residents

Local - 9/11/2013 6:23 PM by Rebecca Turco
SHINBRIER MOUNTAIN - A planned ATV resort in Mercer County is causing backlash from several residents.

Coal Camp ATV Resort LLC plans to build 50 cottages on a 30-acre site in the Shinbrier Mountain area near Bramwell.

Residents near the site voiced opposition to the project during a County Commission meeting on Tuesday, saying they are concerned about the resort's impact on wildlife, noise and ATV traffic.

Ronald and Susan Gullion have lived on the mountain for about 25 years. They said noise echoes and travels in that area, and that the roads are not designed to carry the large construction vehicles for the project. "It's just not right for (the developers) to just come barging in here and do this," explained Susan.

Mercer County does not have a county zoning ordinance, according to officials, so the county commission cannot tell the resort's developers what to do with the property.

The Gullion's said they will contact their delegate if necessary to determine how to address this issue.


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