Mullens Police Department executes search warrants; finds drugs

Local - 9/9/2013 5:55 PM by Joe Hellriegel
MULLENS - It's no secret that drugs are a large problem in Southern West Virginia and police agencies are cracking down on the problem.

The Mullens Police Department is executing warrants and finding many drugs in the area. There have been four search warrants executed in the last 15 days and have confiscated drug paraphernalia, marijuana plants, a couple of thousand dollars in cash, blank checks, prescription pills and more. Chief of police Ray Toler explains how they have been successful.

"A lot of it comes from tips, a lot of people in the neighborhood they watch traffic come in and out residence," said Chief Toler. "And 90% of our crimes are drug related or domestic related because they are fighting because of drugs or a break in."

Chief Toler also said the department has been able to hire more staff which helps with finding the drugs.


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