Fayette County teachers help in hiring process of colleagues

Local - 8/23/2013 5:07 PM by Karen Franklin

FAYETTEVILLE - Faculty members in Fayette County are going beyond teaching to help recommend new hires in the school system.

Beginning this year, faculty senates, which are made of educators and school employees, can choose to participate in the interview and evaluation of new teachers or service personnel. Officials with the Board of Education think the change was made as a return to local control.

“If we expect teachers to produce outstanding test scores and student outcomes -- whether that's attendance or student performance on an achievement test -- then I think it's a return to allowing teachers to have more investment in decisions that have a direct effect on that student achievement,” Superintendent Keith Butcher told WOAY.

They also say it helps that teachers already employed know what it takes to do the job.

“They come at it from a different perspective,” Butcher said. “They know what the classroom is like now. They know what qualities and skills and abilities that a good, effective teacher needs in order to be effective, so having that viewpoint in the selection of teachers I think is a very positive thing.”

Fayette schools have 30 open positions. They are especially seeking math, science and foreign language teachers.


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