Raleigh County Humane Society needs help with vet bills

Local - 8/22/2013 5:03 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKLEY - A local humane society that says it hasn't euthanized an animal in more than a year needs help paying for vet bills.

The Raleigh County Humane Society teamed up with Walgreens for a bake sale and adoption event Thursday in Beckley in hopes of raising money for its medical expenses.

"Sometimes they come in, and they have injuries, or they are sick, or they may have a tumor, so we rush them to the vet, and the vet takes care of them, and then of course we have a really large vet bill," Jessica Stegmeir told WOAY.

Volunteers and employees said their animals receive immediate vet attention when they come to the shelter, and because their goal is keep animals alive, there are too many dogs and cats looking for homes.

"There's great dogs and cats in there," Stegmeir. "Some of them are very dog friendly and people friendly. They are very loving. They just want a couch to lay on and some air conditioning. Maybe watch some TV, play with some kids."

The humane society is also in need of dog food, cat food and kitty litter.


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