New River's EMT class gets accreditation

Local - 7/30/2013 1:49 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKLEY - A Raleigh County college and its students are celebrating after they received news that its school program received official accreditation.

Students in New River Community and Technical College's EMT-paramedic class can now take the national registry test, which will give them the opportunity to apply for jobs around the nation.

The school said it is only the second college in the state to become accredited. It believes the news will give its students the "one up" on everyone else.

"This just shows our students and the public that we're dedicated to have an excellent program which produces excellent medics," said Richard Bernhardt, of New River. "They're competent. They're knowledgeable, and we put them out there to help with southern West Virginia healthcare problems."

Students are set to take the test soon.

"It's good," said student Nathan Coleman, who works in Fayette County. "It's good for the state. It's good for the program -- New River especially. Puts a little but more out there for people in this area to learn how to get their skills and move up."


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