Cat stuck in tree

Local - 7/19/2013 1:01 PM by Nadine Grimley

FAYETTEVILLE - Law enforcement in Fayette County tried to rescue a cat that's been stuck in a tree for at least three days.

The cat climbed up the branches of a very tall tree on Browns Road near Bridge Haven Golf Club in Fayetteville.  The animal hasn't had access to food or water and it's been up there in the oppressive heat we've experienced this week. 

"The cat's been up there for three days according the the neighbors out here in the community so it's got to be dehydrated," said Sgt. T.N. Mooney with the Fayette County Sheriff's Department, "This is not something that we would normally be involved in, but we've reached out to some different agencies throughout the area."

Temperatures have been in the upper 80s this week.


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