McDowell County school officials react to regaining control of schools

Local - 5/9/2013 5:15 PM by Rebecca Turco
WELCH - McDowell County school officials said they are pleased the county finally regained control of their school systems after more than a decade.

The West Virginia Board of Education unanimously voted Wednesday to give the county full control once again, after taking over county operations in 2001. When the Office of Education Performance Audits conducted a review in January of this year, they determined McDowell County had shown  enough improvement to take back the reins.  

"We're doing the right things as far as instructing...We need to keep doing what we've been doing the last few years," explained Superintendent Nelson Spencer. "If we contain and maintain what we're doing, we're headed down the right road."

Spencer said an obstacle the schools continue to face is retaining teachers. There are programs set in place to help keep these teachers in the county.


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