Raleigh County teachers wins national award

Local - 4/17/2013 7:14 PM by Courtney Rosemond
GLEN DANIEL-A Raleigh County teacher wins a national award and is named one of America's most innovative educators.

After 5 weeks of voting, Liberty High School's music teacher Jeremy Rodriguez is the winner of the 2013 Great American Teach Off. He says, "It’s never been about me it's about them"

Senior Bobby Davis says, "It's so thrilling to know that he's being recognized as such an amazing teacher that all of us know he is."

Superintendent James Brown says, "It's a wonderful day for Liberty High School, especially Jeremy Rodriguez, he exemplifies everything we want to see in a teacher."

With the award comes a 10,000 dollar check that Rodriguez plants to put towards a computerized piano lab for students to create and record music. Rodriguez says the best advice he can leave any teachers is to love your students.

 Rodriguez says "It's something I feel that's lacking in the world; if we show more of it they'll go out and be better citizens."


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