Keeping Valley football in the county.

Local - 3/18/2013 11:50 PM by Courtney Rosemond
FAYETTEVILLE- Football fans from one Fayette County School are making a goal line stand to keep their home games - where else - at their home field.

Supporters of Valley High School packed the Fayette County School Board Monday night to support their school and to keep playing their home games in Montgomery. For years the Greyhounds have played their home games on the campus field formerly used by West Virginia University Tech. The School Board received reports for physical upgrades to all facilities within the county which included future construction of a football stadium for Valley High School, no definite action was taken at Monday's meeting, but supporters, like Paul Armentrout say they like they issue being kept on the forefront.

"It was a positive meeting, I head some positive thing in fact I didn't hear any negative things from any of the board members they are all in favor of us being able to play at Tech field. They are all in favor of us eventually having a field of our own at the high school."

Further discussions regarding construction costs for the project will continue. The next Board of Education meeting is set for March 25th.


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