Bluefield home burns while family is on vacation

Local - 3/18/2013 6:33 PM by Lauren Haviland
BLUEFIELD - 5:30 A.M Sunday several Mercer County Fire Departments were called out to a home on  Union Street in Bluefield.

Firefighters said they made a quick attack on the blaze, but there is still a lot of damage to the two story home.

"significant damage to the upstairs of the house and there's also smoke damage and water throughout the house," said Bluefield Fire Chief, Jeff Warden.

No one was hurt, because the family was on a Carnival Cruise, and they didn't have a clue anything had happened until they turned on their phones and had several messages from neighbors and friends.

Homeowner, Walter McNeal told Newswatch, "I couldn't believe it. It was like a nightmare,  that nobody should go through."

To make matters worse, the cruise the McNeal's were on, broke down.

"I'm not saying that God did this, but what I am saying is that it was the hand of the Lord that they was not in their house at that time. I think it was God who orchestrated that they were not in their home," said neighbor, Andre Jones.

"It's just kind of a tragedy to come home from vacation to this, and this what you come home to," said Chief Warden.

McNeal said he has several questions on his mind including...

"Where am I going to stay? Where am I going to live? What's going to be the outcome of this? You know, why did this happen?"

The Fire Marshal continues to investigate.


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