Is coal mining worth it?

Local - 2/20/2013 5:08 PM by Lauren Haviland
BECKLEY -  The death of John Myles, 44, Tuesday night is the fourth mining realted death in West Virgina this year.

Newswatch talked to a former coal miner Wednesday, Paul Thompson.  He started as a laborer and ended his 50 year career as a superintendent.  Thompson said if he could go back and do it all again, he wouldn't. He said the money is great, but he's seen injuries and even death and is still feeling the repurcutions of his career underground today.

"I've got black lung and I've been hurt a couple of times in the mines. I've been through hell if I might say so, in the mines. It's just not worth it to me," said Paul Thompson.

Thompson says there are plenty of other job opportunities and they are much safer than coal mining.


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