Oak Hill man arrested for allegedly attacking another, authorities say

Local - 2/8/2013 5:40 PM by Karen Franklin
OAK HILL - A man was arrested after authorities say he forced his way into an Oak Hill home and attacked the homeowner's brother.
Joseph Edward Rose, of Oak Hill, was arrested and charged with burglary, trespassing, battery and destruction of property, police told WOAY.

The incident happened Wednesday on Sumerlee Avenue just a house away from the Oak Hill Police Department, police said. The family of the victim said it happened in front of a 16-year-old boy.

"He was yelling, 'I am going to kill you, you mother ******,'" the victim wrote in a statement obtained by WOAY.

The victim's sister, Susan Malay, called the attack ridiculous.

"Forced his way into the door, tried to hit him with a baseball bat or club or whatever it was that he had, and my brother wrestled him down to the ground until the police came and picked him up," she told WOAY. "This is ridiculous for someone to come up in your own driveway and break in your house and assault you."

The family said the victim was left with several injuries and a broken phone. There was also a hole left in the wall near the home's entrance.

It wasn't immediately known if Rose had an attorney.


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