Home heating tips this winter season

Local - 1/6/2013 4:33 PM by Rebecca Turco
With low temperatures continuing this winter, here are some home heating tips so you are not left in the cold.

Many people are concerned about backup heating options in the event of a power outage, according to Craig Clemens, Store Manager of Lowe's in Fayetteville. Having a spare propane tank is just one way to keep heat circulating in the house in an emergency. Clemens recommends a 20-pound spare tank, which can be used for both heating and cooking.

There's no need for backup with natural gas because they are maintenance-free after installation.

If you use kerosene or electric space heaters, never leave them unattended. "You just need to be near them and be able to check on them every 45 minutes to an hour or so," explained Clemens. "Never leave temporary heat unattended."


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