WITH VIDEO: Staying Motivated

Local - 12/31/2012 5:03 PM by Heidi Moore

Many New Years resolutions range from quitting smoking to trying to fit in more family time. Resolution success varies from person to person, so we found some tips on how to keep up one of the most popular goals of the new year.

"My New Years Resolution is to get total health and wellness." Said Misty Hill of Fayetteville.

Getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle is a goal many people set out to achieve every year. Gym memberships typically skyrocket as the new year starts.

"It's already started in the last few weeks. We've seen a large increase with some of the specials we've been running, anywhere from 30 to 40 percent increase" Said Kristin Bennett of Active Fitness in Oak Hill.

For most people its not getting started that's the difficult part, its having the motivation to keep going.

"I think people lose their goals. I think they lose their 'get up and go get to the gym' usually beginning to mid February, it even starts to die down. Definitely by March" Bennett said.

Hill hopes her will power lasts a little longer than that.

"For like a lifetime I hope!" she said. "but like everybody, we all fall come March, but I hope longer."

For those who want their resolution to stick, there are ways to keep yourself motivated.

"I came with a friend. My friend Jillian. She's here working out with me now. I think that helps buddying up with a team." Hill says.

"Definitely get into your gym, get active with the people in your gym. We have a lot of classes available." Bennett said.

Follow those tips and you could be in for your healthiest year ever.

Even if you get off to a slow start, you have an entire year to make it to the finish line.


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