Investigation Into 4 Wyoming Co. Residents: Part 3

Local - 11/8/2012 6:31 PM by Lauren Haviland

Police say the disappearance of Wyoming County residents Rachel Toler, Brian Cook, Chester Stewart and Sherry Meyers were not a random act of violence.

"In my opinion I would say they were picked," said Wyoming County Sheriff's Deputy, Lt. Randy Brooks.

When a person goes missing police talk to friends and family, find out where they were last seen, but the longer a case goes cold, the harder it is to solve, and most of the time it means the worst for the victim.

"Someone's missing we assume the worst," said Lt. Brooks.

There are multiple factors as to why police believe someone is responsible for the death of Toler and Stewart.

"We suspect foul play in both. Condition of a particularly Chester, Chester Stewart, when he was found the way he was found that definitely indicated that it was foul play," said Lt. Brooks.

The fact that police have not been able to make an arrest doesn't sit well with this small community.

"Everybody's concerned, I mean especially talking to our folks in Oceana, Matheny area, yeah, everybody's a little skiddish," said Lt. Brooks.

Though many believe police have stopped working on these cases, police say they follow up on every lead, but nothing has panned out.

"We've interviewed people of interest in all four missing person cases," said Lt. Brooks.

At this point for family, community members and police there are more questions than answers, and police need answers to solve these cases.

"Anybody knows anything however so small or slight they think it's legit we need the information we need help," said Lt. Brooks.

If you have any information on these crimes you're urged to call police immediately.


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