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Local - 1/11/2012 6:14 PM by Aaron Cheslock

Governor Tomblin will give his State of the State address for 2012 tonight in Charleston.

Drug abuse, redistricting, and the recession could be some of the topics Governor Tomblin touches on in his State of the State address. We went out to see what you want to hear from the Governor...

The Legislative session kicks off Wednesday in Charleston. In office for only a couple months, Governor Tomblin gets ready to give his first State of the State address as Governor. And folks like Greg Arthur from Oak Hill have plenty of issues affecting them, they want them brought up, with a solution to follow.


"I wanna hear from him about coal, you know i'm a coal miner, if it wasn't for the coal industry, there wouldn't be nothing here in West Virginia. And that's what I wanna hear him say about coal, and getting some clean coal."
Ethan Clark-Moschella from Morgantown talks about mining, but from a different perspective.

"I'd like to hear him talk about natural gas and mountaintop removal, I think that they pose a lot of problems toward people's health in the state, and I think that he should address that."

Chris Brooks from Glen Fork wants issues taken care of that hit close to home, but affect everybody,


" and jobs, I know a lot of people that really need jobs especially in the county that I live in, I live in Wyoming County."

Like many, Arthur's not a fan of taxes.


"I'd say taxes are a little high, yeah and they need to address that."

Brooks adds "issues with health care, insurance costs going sky high."

West Virginians are also concerned about keeping those in the state, here, in the mountain state... Brooks explains.

"A lot of businesses that are failing because people want to take their businesses out of state instead of in state."

Arthur wants his family to stay here too.

"...helping the people here in West Virginia, and helping them stay. I've got grandchildren, kids here that want to stay in West Virginia, and I want something to get them to stay here in West Virginia where they wanna be."

While looking to touch on many of those topics that affect those living in the mountain state, it's also important for Governor Tomblin to avoid certain topics, that would offend or annoy those same people. Many of which are prospective voters.

Brooks sums up his feelings on the speech.


"I don't wanna hear anything that sounds like beating around the bush, I like it when somebody gives straight, direct answers, I'm a simple guy, I just want simple straight forward answers."


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