One Raleigh County organization is creating a way to catch raindrops falling on your head

Local - 8/22/2014 4:59 AM by Adam Mayer

BECKLEY -- The Beckley Sanitary Board has come up with a way to catch the storm water and collect it to protect the environment.

Officials say that an average of over 20,000 gallons hits our roof every year, but with Ivy, the barrel will collect 5 months’ worth of rain water. With these barrels, officials are trying to prevent water from becoming storm water run-off.

Judy Wilson, the Education Coordinator for the Beckley Sanitary Board, says “storm water run-off is something that can't be absorbed into the ground naturally, whether it is running off of your roof, your road, your driveway, and this water runs off and as it's running across a surface that it can't be absorbed.”


The Beckley Sanitary Board is still selling these barrels until September 8th and priced at $75.


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