Apartments open in Fayette County

Local - 8/18/2014 7:54 PM by Stuart Hammer

ANSTED – New housing in northern Fayette County has locals excited about the future of their town.

More than 20 new apartments are about to hit the market in Ansted. The Summit on Midland Trail officially opened Monday morning, and despite the gloomy conditions the outlook for the town remains positive.

Builders purchased the complex in total disrepair. Squatters occupied several units and vandals had torn the facility apart.

But a total renovation has turned this once low-income housing development into a jewel of the county.

“We kind of made a promise to the people,” says partner Mike Neville, “And they saw how bad it used to be years ago, and we made a promise to the residents here in Ansted and the Mayor that we would try to keep it a little cleaner and try to put a nicer clientele in here.”

The complex has 28 units with several already being rented. The floor plans are two-bedroom with one-bath.


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