Pet safety in the heat

Local - 7/2/2014 5:40 PM by Rachael Cardin

OAK HILL - With the holiday weekend just around the corner, people need to remember their pets' needs.


According to Oak Hill Animal Hospital veterinarians said if your animal is scared of thunder, they will most likely be scared of fireworks. For the fourth of July, pet professionals explained that dogs and other animals become crazed with the loud noises. Also, cookouts often lead to dogs eating table scraps that can cause them to have an upset stomach. The main problem is dehydration. Oak Hill Animal Hospital owner and Veterinarian Mindy Osborne explained how to care for your pet throughout this hot holiday weekend.


Osborne said, "you need to take precautions for fireworks. One would be keep your animals inside if you're able, keep them in closed areas so they don't freak out and try to escape. You can be there to help calm them down. A lot of times these dogs just like people around to have comfort."


Veterinarians remind pet owners to keep an eye on your pet's water supply as we go throughout these warm summer months.


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