Fayette County Opens Bidding Process for Kiosk's

Local - 6/27/2014 5:09 PM by Mike Bundt
The Fayette County Commission opened the bidding process this morning to put up kiosk's in the neighborhood's where houses are being bought out for being part of a flood zone.

In the last four years, nearly $14 million has been spent on buyouts near Dunloup Creek. Some of the houses and buildings torn down have historical importance. Residents say it's sad they're going to have to move but excited that the area will be remembered.

"The open building was simply for those kiosk's that will mark those significant spots within mount hope where a significant building once stood or at the opening going into Kilsyth or at the opening going into glen jean, what were those communities like prior to the buyout" said Fayette County Commissioner Matthew Wender

Wender says the kiosk's will be a nice way to remember the history of the respective communities.


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