Vietnam Veteran's Wall travels to Rainelle

Local - 5/21/2014 5:39 PM by Rachael Cardin

RAINELLE - Vietnam Veterans are being remembered at the wall in Washington D.C for Memorial Day, but also at a replica in Rainelle

The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall was being set up in Rainelle on Wednesday for the weekend's event. This replica is an exact 3/5 scaled model to the actual Vietnam Veterans Wall in Washington D.C..  The wall is based out of Florida and travels all over the country to bring a piece of history to those who can’t travel to see it. This will be the third year that the smaller wall will be in Rainelle for the Memorial Day Weekend events.

Wall Manager, Greg Welsh, said, "it gives people an opportunity to come out. With this being Memorial Day weekend and pay their respects to the fallen because not everybody can afford or health reasons or afford to go to Washington, D.C. So they can come to Rainelle and it's a whole lot easier."

People can come look at the wall throughout the weekend's festivities to locate names or get rubbings.


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