Local veterans DC bound

Local - 5/21/2014 5:03 AM by Kevin Jacobs

PRINCETON - West Virginia war veterans are DC bound this morning in honor of Memorial Day.

Both men and women who served in World War II, Vietnam and Korean wars loaded a bus in Princeton just after midnight. The 24-hour trip will serve all 30 veterans with the best Washington, DC has to offer. They will tour our nations capital, visit various memorials and meet West Virginia state lawmakers. "Always Free Honor Flight" is sponsoring the trip for the second straight year at no cost to war heroes. 91-year-old Luther Wickline of Lewisburg is excited to see the "Veteran's Memorial" that he has heard so much about.

"Oh I'm real thrilled because I've heard about it. They say you'll be amazed when you get there and see the World War II Memorial," said Luther Wickline, WWII Veteran.

"West Virginia has more veterans per capita than any other state in the union, and quite a history of serving their country. I thought of our state motto, which is "Mountaineers Always Free" and I thought "Always Free Honor Flight." It doesn't get much than that because we have always been free because of what our veterans have done for this country," said Dreama Denver, Organizer - Always Free Honor Flight.

If any WWII, Korean or Vietnam veterans are interested in being a part of "Always Free Honor Flight," you can reach the non-profit organization at 304-425-8660. Donations are welcomed at bobdenver.com.


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