New VFD denied

Local - 4/8/2014 5:27 PM by Rachael Cardin

BRADLEY - Building plans were halted for a new volunteer fire station in Raleigh County.


Bobby Palmer, Assistant Fire Chief for the Bradley-Prosperity Volunteer Fire Department, attended the Raleigh County Commission meeting on Tuesday regarding the construction of a fourth fire station. Palmer said the land for the new building has been donated and cleared. Building materials have even been bought, but in order to begin the construction, the station needs a letter of approval from the County Commission.


Commissioners expressed their concerns for this project including lack of man power for the four stations in that area, as well as the lack of equipment.


Palmer insisted his new addition will help residents; “what this would do for the residents in that area, the Lower Sweeneysburg, the lower ends of North Sand Branch, the Curtsville, the Route 1 area of Spruce Mountain on our side, for those areas and those properties it would improve their ISO rating, they're published protection classification which in turn would reduce they're home owners insurance and would give us a quicker response times,” said Palmer.


Fire officials said they hope their presence at the Raleigh County Commission meeting will help continue their building plans.


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