Women's Conference at Mt. Zion Baptist

Local - 3/29/2014 4:41 PM by Rachael Cardin

FAYETTEVILLE - A Fayette County church hosted a women's conference on Saturday to help women work through some of their trials, while focusing on God.


Mount Zion Baptist Church in Fayetteville organized a women’s conference and luncheon. Organizers said their goal is to allow women to let go of any worldly troubles and come together as sisters. They wore purple as a sign of compassion, but also to feel beautiful and royal as strong women. Speakers addressed the body of women and the group sang songs of praise. A balloon release was also performed, allowing these women to symbolically let go of their troubles.


Women’s conference organizer, Elizabeth Dues, said, "I think anytime you have struggles or trials you start to think, am I in this by myself? Is there anyone else that feels this same way? And there is. Many sisters go through the same things: paying bills, raising children, dealing with marriages, trying to find a job or dealing with people on their job and we want women to know that you have the same problems that everybody else has...but let's work through it together."


Dues said this conference is non-denominational and many walks of life were represented to talk about women's issues.


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