One Voice expresses hope in the drug epidemic

Local - 3/20/2014 5:07 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - Congressman Nick Rahall met with faith based organizations from across the state to discuss the drug epidemic.

The One Voice Center in Beckley brought church leaders, recovering addicts and a state Congressman together to shed some light on how faith is saving lives. 2 previous addicts from Mercer County were present to tell their recovery story and explain what they think needs to be done so others can be saved from drug addiction and overdose. Congressman Nick Rahall acknowledged the success that One Voice has had in Raleigh County and said it takes the effort of a community to stop the spread of drugs. Organizers said there is hope for the younger generations as well as those struggling with addiction, and the center is willing to help.

Voice of recovery, Lisa French from Mercer County, said, "I want people to know that through him there is hope and there is a way out of everything they're going through and if there's anything like with One Voice, if they could help us in any way in our county to help people receive that delivering power and to know that there is hope out there."

Rahall said, "it's truly a powerful voice, that's one thing we have to overcome is talking about the problem; communicating with one another. Quit trying to shovel it under the rug, or wherever, and let's get serious and open and transparent with one another and try to solve the issue together."

These faith based organizations hope to start rehabilitation and treatment within their churches and communities to stop the spread on addiction and provide hope to children and those battling with addiction.


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