Former Tazewell County woman stabs husband

Local - 3/18/2014 12:28 AM by Courtney Rosemond

HAWTKINS COUNTY, TN - A woman formally of Tazewell County Virginia is charged with stabbing her husband in Tennessee and driving into a church.

Stephanie Hamman, 23, was arrested Sunday after allegedly crashing her car into a church and stabbing her husband with a kitchen knife, saying the devil told her to do it.

Hamman's husband, Steven Hamman said he went to check on his wife and found that she drove through a church; he found her lying in front of the altar. As he checked on her, he said she stated, "The devil is in me," and stabbed him on the right side of the chest with a large kitchen knife.

Stephanie was arrested at the hospital and charged with attempted first degree murder and felony vandalism.


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