Winterplace hosts Polar Plunge

Local - 3/1/2014 7:21 PM

GHENT - A third annual Special Olympics fundraiser drew quite the crowd at Winterplace Resort as dozens of people plunged into an outdoor pool to raise money for the cause.

It's an unusally warm day at Winterplace Resort, but not if you have to jump into a pool of water. A Board of Directors member for the Special Olympics in West Virginia explained what the Polar Plunge raised money for.

Barbara Kyle said, "we have summer games, we have fall games, we have skiing winter games and then we have basketball tournaments so the funds allow for us to hold these state events."


Organizers said it's a little cold as soon as you hit the water, but they were glad that they did it and they had a huge crowd this year.

CEO of Special Olympics in West Virginia, John Corbett, said, "it's for a great cause and we certainly appreciate everybody coming out and doing this and 'freezin for a reason' as we like to say. I feel good, and if these folks can do it for our organization, certainly I can do it as well."

When asked to describe their initial reaction to the water temperature, one local coach had the perfect words. "Uh wow, I'm thinking arctic like. I tried fishin in January and it was a lot warmer then than that pile. I don't know how they got it so cold. How do u make water that cold without freezing?...but it was chilly," said Concord University football coach Paul Price.

"The water definitely gets your attention. Despite it being unseasonably warm here at Winterplace the water is very cold in fact earlier today we had to break some's probably 36, 37 degrees," said Corbett.

The plungers said they feel good about supporting the event, but for some it's going to be a one-time ordeal.

"I'm glad it's done... it's probably something I'll never so again, but we had a lot of fun and it for good causes and if you can raise a nickel, it helps everywhere," said Price.


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