Public transportation re-routes for Greenbrier County

Local - 2/27/2014 7:52 AM by Kevin Jacobs

RAINELLE - Public transportation may soon add new routes in Greenbrier County.

The City of Rainelle received full support from the county at Tuesday's county commission meeting. The state will fund the new bus plan with the MTA. Rainelle, Quinwood and Rupert have all put up money toward public transportation. Rainelle's Mayor Andy Pendleton is passionate about getting public transportation, and she sees there is need for people to get from point A to B.

"I know people don't have cars. I know know they don't have transportation. I know they don't have the gasoline, and this is an affordable way for them to get around to where they need to go. Whether it's a health issue or just to get there groceries or whatever is needed. We're looking forward to help our citizens out here to be like the rest of the county," said Mayor Andy Pendleton, Rainelle.

Pendleton says they won't know more until sometime in May once the state budget is passed. The plan is to have busses up and running this July.


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