Manchin meets with Fayetteville

Local - 2/19/2014 4:33 PM by Rachael Cardin

FAYETTEVILLE - A West Virginia Senator met with his constituents on Wednesday in Fayette County to discuss the big issues effecting this area.

Senator Joe Manchin held a town meeting in Fayetteville at Cathedral Cafe. Locals flocked to the restaurant to ask their questions and voice their concerns. The main issue among these folks is Wolf Creek and locals said they believe the water has been contaminted for some time. Multiple residents of Fayette County brought this issue up to the Senator and he said it will be addressed. Other questions from the crowd included solutions to the economic problems and jobs, as well as localized business issues.

Manchin said, "people want to get things fixed, they want answers...and they deserve them and this is what you hear. If you don't want to hear that than you should consider not being a public servant. I enjoy it. I learn from it, I grow from it. Everyone that brought a concern to me, we're going to find out why they're not getting their answers. Why beaurocrats aren't taking care of them, and why somebody thinks they can hide behind a rule or regulation that doesn't deserve an answer. We're going to make sure to get answers."

Manchin said he will faciliate at solution to the Wolf Creek water problem and constituents said they will hold him to that.


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